Our top picks for the best Racing Games For Android, you can play them now 2022

Our top picks for the best Racing Games For Android, you can play them now 2022


It is undisputed the fact that Android racing games can be exciting and enjoyable to play on Android tablets or phones. The internet must be explored by gamers to find out on the most exciting racing games that can be played during their leisure time.


To play the most recent games it was necessary to invest money in an arcade cabinet, but it’s not the same like today, because with your Android phones, you are able to play all the games you want and the best thing is that you are able to play for no cost.


Eclectic lineup, racing, and a wide range of driving are all available in contemporary games. Driving and racing are distinct by the fact that it’s not just about speeding towards the finish line in every game where you can have the control of a car.


Certain games, such as management games, Simulators, Kart racers and strange genre mash-ups may not require races in anyway.


Racing games are an extremely played categories of mobile gaming. The racing genre has many competitions, and it is the most sought-after game for android since the majority of gamers love racing games.


Stunts you would like to see in real life could be performed by players in this game. The feeling of speed can be felt as well as players get an idea of what it feels to drive the cars of their dreams. always wanted.


We’ll take our viewers and fans of racing games through the most popular types of races (racing category) that they might find interesting.


1. Asphalt 9: Legends.


Starting from the most renowned Legendary car makers like Lamborghini, W motors, Porsche, Ferrari and others players are able to take control of the steering wheel of this game. The game offers a the option of a single player or multiplayer as well as the boosting of stunts, accelerating and show-offs at diverse real places.


More than 70 percent of the globe’s best-known A-brand high-speed motors are available for purchase and come with custom-designed looks.


When you’re racing around the city, you will be able to improve your skills to the level of a pro. The driver can have his car’s steering improved by TouchDrive and focus on timing and decision making.


In intense gameplay, the player is able to compete against up to seven rival players from around the world. There are various places that can be raced while driving. Rewards are available to unlock.


The download size for the game is 2.61 GB. It was released on July 25, 2018, Gameloft SE is the game’s developer. The in-app purchase is $0.37 or $195.13 per item. The Version of the game is 3.1.2a and has been recorded as 50 million+ downloads.


2. Need for speed – No Limits.


The player competes to be the best, he has to be the king and dominate on the streets in the very first white-knuckle version of the game The players are able to design the ride to show their style using different cars.


If you’re looking for speed, players can fill up their garage with actual cars made by automakers such as Pagan, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Hennessy and more.


Anyone can drive on roads of Blackridge through high-speed Nitro zones. They are able to accelerate through jumps and over debris. When a driver is launching himself into the next level of adrenaline-driven drifting and driving, he’s in need of the ability to switch on the Nitrous.


When you are in pursuit, you’ll always be able to finish the race, you could drag, drift or dig, and get all the way to the end.


The in-app purchases range from $0.85 to $87.56 per item. ELECTRONIC Artisan is the game’s creator and was released on September 16th 15th, 2015. The latest version of the game app is 5.7.1 and has recorded 100 million+ downloads , and the download size is 862 megabytes.


3. Asphalt 8.


The Asphalt 8 game has 300plus licensed vehicles, it is a racing action game that has offline and online modes, as well as 75 tracks. The game can be played both in multi-player and single player modes. Scenarios and landscapes can be played out by players from the Nevada deserts and Tokyo.


You can enjoy fast-paced racing through this racing game because it comes with over 300 top performance cars and bikes. Each player can design their own Racer Avatar. In the Asphalt 8 games, accessories like costumes and clothing are available. While doing wild 360 degree jumps , players can compete against each other. participant is able to perform barrel rolls.


When they perform stunts with a motorbike or car, participants can run in the air. These stunts help to speed up the pace in order to finish the race in time.


The game can be regularly updated. It can be played in a variety of seasonal events and even live ones in the career mode for bike and car riders , however it’s achievable with different challenges. the top prizes can be won through limited-time cups.


The in-app purchase for this game are $0.36 $96.88 – $96.88 per item. Gameloft SE is the game creator and the game was launched on the 20th of August 2013. The size of the downloaded game was 2.10 GB. The Version is 6.0.0i and has recorded 100,000,000plus downloads.


4. Traffic Tour.


Traffic Tour’s graphics are excellent and the graphics quality is specifically designed for traffic racers who love. It has sophisticated features and is an ever-lasting arcade game. This game also takes the player to a whole new level of driving simulations that are smooth and easy to play.


The player must speed into traffic jams, in order to score more points. It’s highway racing or lanes. Players are able to navigate on a straight highway, navigating between trucks and cars.


The game lets players to pick their top racing vehicles and take on each other in a live Multiplayer mode. Through participating in 100 online missions and winning prizes, players can take on their rivals and win prizes.


Challenges and requests can be communicated by players to their buddies and via a game called 1v1 they can race with their buddies. In Multiplayer mode, players have the option to make use of Nitrous. Nitrous feature.


There are several modes of control available in this game. These include tilt, buttons, and steering wheel. 100 missions are available in the career mode, and the five realistic environments of the game include highways cities, deserts, city rain, and night and day times. Through the purchase or collection of blueprints cars are unlockable.


Wolves Interactive is the game creator, and it was launched on the 11th of August, 2016, and the in-app purchases range from $1.24 between $64.34 depending on the item. The game’s version is 1.7.4 It has recorded 50,000,000+ downloads. The total size of the download is 74.99 megabytes.


5. F9 Furious 9 Fast Racing.


F9 Furious 9 Fast Racing lets its players choose their own style of racing, and it gives its players a unique driving experiences. In addition to setting new standards for car racing mobile games, players are able to race their cars at super-fast speeds along the highway.


The players can experience a heart-pounding and thrilling experiences. are able to drive their cars at a remarkable speed.


As players become champions in asphalt racing. They will be able to experience high-quality 3D amazing graphics. Its F9 Furious game will allow its players to experience a real racing experiences with arcade features. The gameplay is quick and addicting. The game features the real-life 3D car driving simulation as well as the free racing of clashes in 3D car racing.


Furious Gaming is the game’s creator and it launched on April 29, 2021. The game has over 100,000 downloads, the size of the download is 47.56 millibytes and the version is 2.0.