The Five Best Fishing Games You Can Play on Your PC

The Five Best Fishing Games You Can Play on Your PC

If you love to fish, then fishing games are the perfect hobby for you. What’s more fun than playing a game and catching real fish at the same time? While most fishing games are made for consoles and not PCs, there are still several available that work great on your desktop or laptop computer. If you’re in the mood to catch some fresh salmon or tuna, check out these five fishing games that you can play on your PC today.

1. Big Fish Casino

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2. River King – Legend of the Deep

This game is easy to learn but difficult to master. River King – Legend of the Deep provides hours of fun for players at all skill levels. The goal is simple, catch as many fish as possible and keep your boat afloat while avoiding obstacles in the water. Players need to cast their lines, set up traps, and more. The graphics are beautiful with a relaxing soundtrack that makes fishing an enjoyable experience. It’s even better when you win!

3. Hooked On: Tackle, Tactics & Tournament

Tackle, Tactics and Tournament is an addictive fishing game that can be played in various modes including a tournament mode and tackle mode. Tackle mode has you fishing for a specific type of fish while Tactics Mode has you trying to catch as many different types as possible in a set amount of time. Tournament Mode pits you against other fishermen who have caught the same type of fish and the goal is to see how long you can hold your breath underwater for when trying to reel it in.

4. Sport Fishing – Realistic In-depth Sportfishing Simulation

Sport Fishing is the best fishing game for PC. It is a realistic, in-depth fishing simulation that brings the sport to your living room. With different seasons, over 100 types of fish and more than 400 lures to choose from it will give you an authentic experience of what it’s like to be a professional fisherman.

5. World Fishing Simulator

While World Fishing Simulator is not a true simulator game, it does offer players the chance to experience a little bit of the fishing life through its realistic graphics. This free-to-play game has been downloaded over five million times and continues to gain popularity with gamers looking for an immersive fishing experience.


We’ve looked at five of the best fishing games you can play on your PC. All of them are great, but we think our favorite is The Sims 3: Seasons. If you like the challenge of catching fish, then this game is for you!