The 6 Best PS4 Wrestling Games You Can Play Right Now

The best PS4 wrestling games aren’t just limited to the WWE series and its video game spinoffs. Sure, if you’re looking for realistic depictions of famous wrestlers doing battle in different rings and arenas around the world, then those games will give you exactly what you want, but there’s plenty more out there to keep you entertained if that’s not your thing. Here are the six best PS4 wrestling games of all time in no particular order.

1) WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 is the newest game in the WWE series and it’s packed with tons of new features. The graphics are stunning, there are a ton of customization options, and you get to play as your favorite wrestlers from all eras. The newest mode is Road to Glory which lets you create a wrestler from scratch and compete against other players online as you work your way up the rankings.

2) Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a wrestling game that is focused on the grappling and submissions aspect of wrestling. The game contains an extensive roster of wrestlers from over 20 different promotions, all with their own unique movesets. The UI has been changed to be more responsive for newer players and it also includes online multiplayer as well. With match types such as Battle Royale matches, Barbed Wire Rope matches, Ladders matches, Hell in A Cell matches, Ladder matches or TLC matches to name just a few there’s always something new to do when you want to play some more fire pro wrestling world!

3) Def Jam: Icon

Developed by AKI and published by EA, Def Jam: Icon puts players in the role of a struggling rapper. Gamers will be challenged to hustle for money and respect on the mean streets of New York City. Similar to the popular NBA 2K series, Def Jam: Icon features an expansive open-world experience that reflects iconic hip-hop culture, while at the same time featuring intense one-on-one battles with other rappers.

4) Lucha Libre AAA Hero’s del Ring

Lucha Libre AAA Hero’s del Ring is a wrestling game with a lot of heart. The gameplay is reminiscent of old-school arcade wrestling games like WWF Wrestlefest, but with the addition of more modern features such as a stamina system and interactive arenas. The controls are simple and intuitive, so it’s easy to jump right into the action without spending too much time learning how to play.

5) Wrestle Kingdom 10

Japan’s wrestling scene is known as puroresu, and the pinnacle of the sport is Wrestle Kingdom 10. Every January, New Japan Pro-Wrestling hosts this extravaganza of technical prowess and high-flying theatrics. This year, AJ Styles defended his IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Kenny Omega in a two-out-of-three falls match, while Kazuchika Okada defended his newly won IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Tetsuya Naito.