10 Best Puzzle Games for Android and iPhone to Keep You Entertained

Can’t Get Enough of Those Puzzle Games? Check Out the Best Ones for Android and iPhone

Looking for some fun puzzle games to play on your smartphone or tablet? Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, there are plenty of options to choose from, but we wanted to pick out the best ones of each operating system to get you started. Whether you’re bored at home or stuck in line at the DMV, these mobile puzzle games are sure to give you hours of enjoyment!


1. Where’s My Water 2

One of the most popular titles in this series, Where’s My Water 2 features over 500 challenging levels. Players are presented with a variety of obstacles that they need to navigate in order to provide Swampy with water. The game involves helping out an alligator by giving him water so he can stay alive. To do this, players need to overcome various challenges while they are given hints along the way.


2. Flow Free

Families can enjoy this game together while challenging their brains to create lines that run across, up and down. After solving one puzzle, a new one is created with even more challenging levels. It’s a fun way to spend time together as a family. The best part is, you don’t need any additional software or downloads! Just open the app and start playing right away!


3. 100 Floors

Everyone’s favorite game, 100 Floors, is available on both iOS and Android. With its simple drag-and-drop controls, 100 Floors forces you to use your puzzle solving skills to ascend a tower level by level without running out of moves. If you want to achieve 3 stars in every room, then you’ll need to be as strategic as possible about how many steps you take.


4. Cut the Rope 2

Despite being among some of the most popular games available on mobile devices, it’s easy to get jaded by endless puzzle games. But there’s always room for one more, especially when it comes to innovative sequels like Cut the Rope 2. A clever sequel that builds on everything we loved about Cut the Rope, this game features new powers, mechanics, levels, environments, and Om Nomtastic animations.


5. King Oddball

Who knew killing everything in sight could be so fun? King Oddball is not your typical strategy game. At first, all you have to do is tap on an enemy before it can attack you, but it’s never that easy. You will quickly be fighting multiple enemies at once in over 140 levels with new challenges around every corner.


6. Bloons TD Battles

Best for strategists who love making balloon weapons. Bloons TD Battles offers different types of battles with cute monkey villains that will have you trying to save your building from destruction. Bloons TD Battles is the newest addition to PopCap’s mobile collection and one of the best tower defense games on mobile devices today.


7. Crossy Road

For a quick puzzle fix, you can’t go wrong with Crossy Road. With just enough challenge to make it interesting, it’s perfect when you’re on the go or have a few minutes to spare.


8. The Room Three

Those looking for something different from The Room series can pick up The Room Three in 2018. It was created by Czech studio Fireproof Games, who previously designed the incredible heat-seeking app The Room Two. That game hit international markets in December 2017 to wide acclaim, including a nomination for Excellence in Innovation at DICE Awards 2018. This latest release starts off with a sinister narrative that sees you waking up on an abandoned ship.


9. Wayward Souls

In Wayward Souls, you’ll need to explore a monster-filled dungeon in search of treasure, rooms, and tokens. It has randomly generated levels so every time you enter, it will be different. There are three souls to choose from with their own stories (Warrior – weapons master; Wizard – spell slinger; Rogue – bows n’ blunts expert) all have different abilities.


10. Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

If you’re looking for something more ambitious, get your hands on Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution. For only $3.99 on either Apple or Google’s app store, this will have you using your fingers to slice through robots while jumping over ramps to collect stars. This game might be complicated enough to keep adults entertained but simple enough that kids can still enjoy it.