My Recommended Bike Games that will Blow your Mind 

My Recommended Bike Games that will Blow your Mind 


Hop in to see the most thrilling bike game to play with your loved ones or play alone to suppress boredom.


The pandemic really kept most people in isolation. It has been annoying to not ride in a bike or motorcycle having the opportunity to feel the cool breeze as you ride in the bike. Playing games on your PC or console is a way to get over the lockdown.


To be frank, bike game is engaging and interesting to play and this write-up is mainly for gamers who love bike games dearly.


Bike stunt games are believed to be easier and more stable to control unlike in the early days of the Android OS, game developers develope games of this kind frequently. These games mimick real life bike riding experience


The biker should possess the ability of mimicking real-life bike racing and natural scenery. Bike game with impressive graphic design also ones with user-friendly interface are known too.


In this write-up we are going to make known the bike games that best mimic real-life experience also posses interesting playing experience and impressive graphic design.


1. Neon Biker


Neon Biker is an intense powerful and fun platform game, the game has platform gameplay combined with motorbike stunt driving. The player while guiding his bike through each level needs to perform jumps, tricks and stunts.


The player is required to apply the left click mouse button to accelerate and the left click mouse button to perform awesome flips while you jump.


To prevent crashing, the acceleration must be timed and the player when flipped the bike too much can land awkwardly which will cause his bike to be destroyed.


In this Neon Biker game the player can purchase nice motorbikes using the gems collected, epic super bike and basic scooter bike are some of the bikes that can be purchased.


Neon Biker has super graphics with challenging and fun gameplay. The game was released on September, 2017, it has challenging tracks, challenging levels with engaging music also it has Mobile browser and Desktop browser platforms.


2. Moto X3M 6


Moto X3M 6 game supports the player to ride his motorbike via Halloween-themed tracks, these tracks are filled with stunt opportunities and obstacles. This game is the spooky 6th installment of Moto X3M. To earn more points the player is required to get his bike through the trials as fast as possible.


It is required of the player to be fast in order to make it to the finish line in the shortest amount of time, more stars will be given to the player for the quick moves taken. This game requires fastness and when knocked down seconds are being lost. Those earned stars can be used to purchase new bikes.


The cunning traps and track design must be minded and to achieve this the player is required to be a fast thinker to avoid crashing. Also, bike stunts should be done in the right direction otherwise the bike will get crashed. It is worthy to note that each level comes forth with new track designs for the players to try on.


These new levels are built with more complex situations and trickier traps. To compete the previous times for a new best record the player is free to replay the levels. 22 tracks exist in this Moto X3M 6 game.


3. Biker Street


Biker Street game has a steampunk theme, it is a cool biking platform game. To play this game successfully, the player is required to progress along the track as far as possible without crashing, to achieve this is not easy because lots of various obstacles are required to be tackled.


As the player rides, he gathers some gold coins which can be used in upgrading bikes and abilities. The game has a fantastic steampunk theme and wonderful graphics.


Biker Street was released on December, 2017, was updated in March 2019 with new features. The game developer is IriySoft and this Biker Street game has features like Upgradeable options, Endless gameplay, Steampunk bike and Cool bike physics. It has Web browser (desktop and mobile) platform.


4. Blur Racing


Blur Racing is a futuristic and intense motorbike racing game in which the player must race against the clock to attain new records which are set on a variety of superb neon tracks. While playing this game the player must reach diverse checkpoints before the clock runs out.


If eventually the player fails to reach diverse checkpoints before the clock runs out the game gets over this implies that the player should be fast in riding but must ride with care and control. There are some items which pose as hindrance to the player which are decreased speed throughout the race, health reduction and more.


The race comes to an end when the player is hit by the health reduction item 3 times, this means that the player must avoid this occurrence. On the course of riding the player can pick positive drops which provide life and speed boosting.


The yellow rings provides high score and it should be picked when seen. This Blur racing game is challenging but victory is assured for those who persevere. Max Karev developed this game and it was released on October, 2017.


5. Uphill Rush 7


Uphill Rush 7 allows the player to make choice of vehicle to complete each of the fun and challenging tracks. The game takes place in a Water Park, the water park can be visited during day time or at night.


It is expected of the player to move down the tracks at a dazzling speed while being careful of not falling out. Coins are required to be collected on the way because they would be used in purchasing suits, new bathing and accessories like floating crocodile, a jetski and dolphin. Uphill Rush 7 begins in easy mode although normal and hard mode can be unlocked.


The controls in this game requires to use up arrow key to accelerate while left and right arrow key is used for balance and spacebar key functions as jump/stunt.