Tennis, Anyone? The Best Tennis Games for Your Phone

Tennis, anyone? When you love tennis, but can’t get to the courts as often as you’d like, it’s hard to stay in touch with the game. Fortunately, there are plenty of tennis games for your phone that allow you to have your fun no matter where you are or what else you have going on. These games will help you remember why you love tennis so much and keep your mind sharp even when you can’t hit the courts yourself, making them excellent tools for helping you maintain your skills all year long.

List of best tennis games for android and iPhone


If you love a good old-fashioned game of tennis but find yourself without a partner on your latest vacation, here are the best tennis games available on your iPhone or Android device.

1) Swing A Cat – Swing a Cat is one of the most realistic arcade style tennis games out there. Like real-life swing shots on the court, players must account for gravity and release their bat at just the right time to hit an overhead shot down across the net to make contact with an incoming ball. To win a match, each player takes turns serving and then returning their opponent’s serve until they’ve reached six points. Players can also choose to play against the computer in both singles and doubles matches or compete in tournaments that pit players against several opponents in succession.


2) Spiky Harold – With its quirky retro design and challenging gameplay, Spiky Harold offers an experience unlike any other. Each round begins with two players competing head-to-head against each other by batting a green square back and forth like playing table tennis (aka Ping Pong). When a player hits the square into their opponent’s side of the screen, it changes colors to red which means that player has scored a point. But if the square falls off the edge of the screen, then it changes color to black meaning that player loses a point. The game continues this way until one player reaches three points, signaling them as the winner. Spiky Harold includes singleplayer and multiplayer modes with different modes including survival, honeymoon, battle and more. It also features a four-player mode where four players each control one character while simultaneously fighting against the others.


3) Volleyball: 3D Virtual Reality – Volleyball: 3D Virtual Reality is as close to playing indoor volleyball as you’re going to get in the comfort of your own home. Just pull up the app and put on your headset to experience what it’s like to be up close and personal with your teammate while playing a thrilling game of beach volleyball! Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to share with friends or want an immersive virtual reality sports video game, Volleyball: 3D Virtual Reality will not disappoint. Now you can stay inside during these long winter months and pretend like you’re playing outside with friends. The best part about this app is that it doesn’t require much set up; all you need is your smartphone, VR goggles and Bluetooth controller. So grab some friends and download this app today!


4) ATP Beach Tennis Tour – ATP Beach Tennis Tour is an interactive mobile game featuring 9 mini-games to hone your skills on the court before joining a tournament and taking on other world class opponents from around the globe. You’ll have access to unlimited hours of addictive gameplay with new courts, unlockable achievements and fresh content every day. From sliders to volleys, you’ll have hours of fun trying to figure out how best to reach victory before you go pro. With tennis season starting up, ATP Beach Tennis Tour is the perfect game to keep you entertained for the next few months. Available on iOS and Android devices, this easy-to-play game is a great option for anyone who loves the thrill of a competitive match. There’s a wide variety of game modes to enjoy as well, so you never run out of things to do. The best part is that it’s free to download and try for the first ten minutes.


5) Swing a Cat

Swing a Cat is the closest thing you’ll find to an arcade-style tennis game on your phone, and if you don’t like it, then simply delete it. Don’t let another moment go by without getting this game for your phone – we promise you won’t regret it! If you’ve got kids or teens at home, they’ll love these games too. Happy gaming!